Mold Preventive Services

Stop Mold From Growing in Your Home or Business

Stop Mold From Growing in Your Home or Business

Get regular mold prevention services in Midcoast Maine and Beyond!

With proper preventive measure, you can stop or significantly slow the growth of mold in any environment. That's why Mold Bros. offers mold prevention treatments for homes and businesses in Midcoast Maine and beyond! This is a short-term solution that can work in tandem with our full mold remediation services to fight back against mold growth in most settings.

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How does mold prevention work?

Our mold prevention services proactively target the conditions of mold growth to stop any existing mold from growing and prevent new growth from occurring. These treatments will:

  • Kill spores that land on treated surfaces
  • Seal surfaces to reduce opportunities for growth
  • Stifle growth of any existing mold

We work to educate customers on how to prevent mold in homes and business to promote safety and health. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.